Dr. Kerris Isolde Klug

    After achieving my Ph.d in Biotechnology I had to come to terms with the question how my future career would look like. The prospect of getting to know different departments of a company was very appealing to me and so I decided to apply for a trainee position with R-Biopharm. There was a very positive atmosphere during the interview and I was pleased that I was accepted after a short period of time.

    I started in Production and after nine months I swapped to Research and Development. I especially enjoyed that next to my daily tasks and routines, I was engaged in projects which I was free to work on by myself. From the first day on I felt very happy and after 14 months I was offered an executive position.

    At present I am leading the Process Development department and am engaged in coating R-Biopharms microwellplates. R-Biopharm is a very attractive employer and I very much appreciate the open business culture.