R-Biopharm is part of an international research consortium comprised of 14 partners focusing on industrialization. The object of the research project is the development of a pilot line for paper-based electrochemical test strips for quantitative biosensing in liquids. Using the lateral flow test, the strips should be able to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections. The results should then be legible via a smartphone reader. The projectĀ“s aim is that thanks to tomorrow’s faster and more accurate diagnosis fewer antibiotics will have to be prescribed in the future. The project name IMPETUS is intended to pave the way for the real-world application of paper-based quantitative electrochemical diagnostic test strips.

The project is funded by Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and development program. R-Biopharm contributes to IMPETUS the knowledge and technology for lateral flow testing. With the expertise of our professionals and our materials, we contribute to the development of the innovative bio-ink and microchip design. Having a vast knowledge of the biotechnology market, R-Biopharm will also be one of the key partners for the dissemination and exploitation of the results obtained by the IMPETUS project.