In addition to high-quality, user-friendly products, we also offer our customers comprehensive, reliable and fast service. Our Field Service and Application Team are ready to offer tailored advice and assist with implementation. Should you have any questions afterward, they are always ready and willing to assist.

Individual consultation

Are you unsure about the best solution for your laboratory and need some assistance in making a decision? We offer advice tailored to your situation and identify your specific automation needs through an individual workflow analysis. We will develop an overall approach that is perfectly adapted to your situation and procedures. We will also ensure that our systems are optimally harmonized with your laboratory computing environment.

No two laboratories are like the other. Finding the best individualized solution for each customer is my passion. – Esther P.

Support by phone

Our helpdesk employees will help you in whatever way we can and whenever you need us. We can quickly resolve many questions through a professional error analysis which allows you to get back to work as soon as possible. You can also receive fast support through email, or we can easily help you through remote access.

Just give us a call, and we will do everything in our power to solve your problem. – Bastian

On-site help

Do you require our personal support? If you need on-site consultation, installation, equipment qualification, function tests, servicing or repairs, we would be glad to visit your laboratory, offer instructions and ensure that your equipment runs smoothly. We are also your reliable partner for software, replacement parts, consumables or accessories. Your equipment solution will quickly be ready for commissioning and will pass any audit.

Personal contact is what I prefer. It opens the door to long-term partnerships and many positive anecdotes. – Reiner

Optimized universal applications

We offer unique, standardized detailed solutions tailored to your wishes and requirements as a matter of course. It is for this reason that we are always developing product applications. We work with the toughest quality standards and are only satisfied after we have found the best solution for your analytical challenges.

Difficulties are challenges to be mastered. Special requirements are my specialty. – Gregor

In-house and outside training courses

Not only do we supply premium products, we also ensure that you get the maximum benefit from them. We consider knowledge transfer and the continuous exchange of experience a part of good service. To embody this commitment, we offer various courses and customer-specific training sessions that communicate practical tips and technical expertise online, at our headquarters in Darmstadt, or at your place of business.

Sharing information helps keep you sharp. – Esther O.

Your contact to us

Questions? Our field service and application team will be happy to support you with suitable solutions for your laboratory.