Andreas Schramm

    I made my first professional experiences in a university environment during my academic studies and the writing of my doctoral thesis. I concluded that for my next career step, I wanted enhance my skills in the industry. It was especially important for me, that I would gain experiences that exceeded the ambit of my scientific training and knowledge.

    R-Biopharms Trainee program offers a number of possibilities to do so and I was given the opportunity to manage my own project during the first stage of the program. This gave me the chance for independent decision making on the project, which in return I was held responsible for. Some people would say that I was thrown in at the deep end, I would argue that I was given the possibility to experience the structures of the company, network on a cross-departmental level and most importantly work on an interesting and exciting project.

    I am currently in the second stage of the trainee program where I have taken over the role as a product manager. I am curious what new challenges lie ahead of me.